Famas has over 60 years of experience in providing security to customers.

Continuous technology improvement and commitment of all employees of the company has led us to the position of the largest Polish manufacturer of flexible metal connections for gas appliances. Along with the development of the company, we have expanded our activity by providing safety in subsequent areas of life, through the production of solar connections, compensators, vibration dampers, flexible metal hoses and metal protective braids.

Our philosophy of permanent flexible security and products based on it have gained recognition in such industries as: telecommunication, energy, electrotechnical, automotive, chemical, petrochemical, mining, food and construction industries.

High production quality was also confirmed in May 2005 with the introduction of a quality management system based on ISO 9001.

Our flexible metal connections for gas appliances have technical approvals of the Oil and Gas Institute in Krakow, has also certificates allowing to trade in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and Lithuania. Newly introduced products that are distinguished by unlimited bending radius meet the requirements of the European law - PN-EN 14800 standards.

An additional advantage of the company is the fact of having a strategic partner – the Swiss company BOA AG, the Swiss company BOA AG, whose a century of experience in the field of metal hoses and compensators production is an invaluable support in improving our products.

Thanks to this cooperation and great commitment of our employees as well as continuous improvement of qualifications and introduction of new technologies, Famas makes our customers lives safer.

PFS Philosophy

Famas, the company producing steel expansion joints is primarily a team of committed people who due to their work want to improve the lives of others. Presenting this modern approach to the client, we pay attention to its needs and expectations. On the basis of this simple principle, the PFS philosophy has been created, which we adopted and which we introduce in every area of life.

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