Water, gas and solar hoses

Jacek Dróżka
+48 783 404 022

Industrial Hoses

Krzysztof Grabarczyk
+48 693 904 249


Krzysztof Grabarczyk
+48 693 904 249

Gas detection

Sebastian Andelt
+48 792 404 423

Polish Manufacturer - 60 years of experience in the installation industry

Famas delivers tested, certified hoses produced in a factory in Łódź to the market.



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Permanent Flexible Safety

Gas hoses with "system 1" certificate

Convenient to assemble and to use flexible gas hoses are equipped with the swivel nut, which enables rotating the hose without loosing the tightness so it allows to move the cooker freely even when it is connected to the gas system.

Safe and proven home solutions

Hoses for gas boilers, for gas bottles, expandable hoses for radiators and expandable hoses for water taps are a wide range of safe home solutions.

Safe industry solutions

Expansion joints and metal hoses are irreplaceable elements in industrial installations. Technical support and consulting are an inseparable element for cooperation with industry that we offer.

Global experience - local presence

BOA Group

It is a global company, the cross-industry leaders in the field of design and production of flexible metal bellows, hoses and compensators for compensating thermal elongation, vibration dampening and noise.

Our production sites are located in Europe, USA and South America. Thanks to such a wide presence in the world, we can combine the experience of a global enterprise with its availability in local regions.


Industry solutions

Modern solutions for the heating, energy, transport, petrochemical and chemical industries. Compensators for district heating systems.